Extreme Point Movie


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Currently, we are working on a unique movie project. The film brings up an important social issue such as guns and violence within the teenagers. It is focused on their emotional education and their ability to survive in today’s world. There are many teenagers suffering from family disagreements, social pressure, change of environment, bullying at school, and lack of confidence.

We find that very few want to properly teach and show them how to control their emotions in a healthy way. Increasing number of the teenage suicide and mass shootings at schools are related to guns. Even Though, weapons aren’t new to humans, often the blame is put on them alone. In order to stop the way things are going, society must focus on why they are happening. The change will not happen overnight, and it will be hard to insure everybody is teaching teens how to deal with their problems.

“Extreme Point” is a movie about a high school student who is  facing many stresses in today’s world.  In an effort to deal with the frustration he decides to use a firearm to seek justice.  When attempting to rent a firearm, the store owner recognizes that the teen is very unfamiliar with firearms and the teen’s unusual amount of distress.  He decides to take the teen on to teach him not only how to use firearms, but when. During this training our teen learns there is a much more powerful tool to deal with his problems – his thoughts and words, and that his suffering is due to how those around him have misused this tool just like he was going to misuse the firearm.

When attempting to rent a firearm, the teen shows his lack of firearm knowledge and an unusual amount of distress. He begins to receive education about the use of firearms and the right time to apply it. During training our character learns there are more powerful tools to deal with his issue such as his thoughts and his words.

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This movie will help to thousands teenagers to deal with their emotions and distress. Let’s make the world a better place together.

Media is a powerful tool for effecting the culture, and our movie will be a big step in the right direction.